New Album "Oblong 20.5" Out 12.04.2020

Miho’s 10th anniversary album is taking a look at issues from neighbours feeding cats all they way up to ocean pollution, rainforest destruction and global warming with her usual quirky, fun loving energy and amazing band.

Album launch concert at the National Jazz Festival, Tauranga on 12th April 2020. 

About Miho

Miho Wada was born in Tokyo and grew up by the sea in Miyazaki, Japan.  After New Zealand won the America's cup yacht race and their families hearts, they moved to Christchurch, where she accidentally started learning the flute.  Having soon after finished a bachelors degree at the top of her class in music at the University of Canterbury she moved to London to study at Trinity College of Music.

Finding herself wanting more of a challenge after a stint in the National Orchestra of Malta she flew to Cuba studying flute and performing with members of Sones de Oriente, Kotumba, Sierra Maestra and Buena Vista Social Club in Havana and Santiago de Cuba.

Miho's performing career has since taken her on numerous international tours, recording sessions, and live radio and television performances throughout a broad range of genres.  She has performed internationally with artists such as Nigel Kennedy, Jarvis Cocker, Ska Cubano and recorded a series of TV adverts with Iggy Pop.  After touring for WOMAD festivals in 2009, Miho returned to NZ and started composing and performing her own original music, debuting internationally at the SXSW showcase in Austin, Texas in 2010.

She formed Miho's Jazz Orchestra in 2011.  Originally put together for a one off charity album the members had so much fun they decided to stay together and see where the road took them.  With 7 albums and three EPs, including one recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis, the band has been prolific. They have toured and performed at festivals in Japan, Australia and New Zealand achieving success in the NZ album charts hitting the top 10 and 20 numerous times.

Accidental Journey

Miho Wada

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Accidental Journey

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Discover Miho Wada’s expanded instrumental line up and latest music in her fantastic new album “Accidental Journey”.

Miho’s 7th album was a lucky event after an accidental journey to the hospital in 2016. The impact of her near death experience lead to a flood of song ideas about her life and the experience of surgery.

From the fun call and response melody she had with a bird on her walks with her dog for the piece “Tui Song” to the gamelanesque fluidity of the surreal experience of waking up from anaesthesia on “Wandering eyes” it’s truly a different take on inspiration for Miho.

To go with with this change, there is a larger array of instrumentation on this album. Multi instrumentalists, Drew Hutchinson[Sax, guitar, Clarinet] and Sunjin Hong[ Bass, Trumpet] are new additions to the band and really expand the available soundscape. Band stalwart Pascal Roggen even lends his ability on Cello to round out this fresh vision.

Miho walks us through a fun, bizarre and at times scary part of her life. She invites listeners to take part in the playful inventiveness of her ensemble that will take you from dark moods to joyful flights of fancy.

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