Accidental Journey

Miho Wada

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Accidental Journey

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Discover Miho Wada’s expanded instrumental line up and latest music in her fantastic new album “Accidental Journey”.

Miho’s 7th album was a lucky event after an accidental journey to the hospital in 2016. The impact of her near death experience lead to a flood of song ideas about her life and the experience of surgery.

From the fun call and response melody she had with a bird on her walks with her dog for the piece “Tui Song” to the gamelanesque fluidity of the surreal experience of waking up from anaesthesia on “Wandering eyes” it’s truly a different take on inspiration for Miho.

To go with with this change, there is a larger array of instrumentation on this album. Multi instrumentalists, Drew Hutchinson[Sax, guitar, Clarinet] and Sunjin Hong[ Bass, Trumpet] are new additions to the band and really expand the available soundscape. Band stalwart Pascal Roggen even lends his ability on Cello to round out this fresh vision.

Miho walks us through a fun, bizarre and at times scary part of her life. She invites listeners to take part in the playful inventiveness of her ensemble that will take you from dark moods to joyful flights of fancy.

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